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This piece of writing is a joint initiative by the participants in the Gender, Work and Organization writing workshop organized in Helsinki, Finland, in June 2019. This is a particular form of writing differently. We engage in collective writing and embody what it means to write resistance to established academic practices and conventions together. This is a form of emancipatory initiative where we care for each other as writers and as human beings. There are many author voices and we aim to keep the text open and dialogical. As such, this piece of writing is about suppressed thoughts and feelings that our collective picket line allows us to express. In order to maintain the open‐ended nature of the text, and perhaps also to retain some ‘dirtiness’ that is essential to writing, the article has not been language checked throughout by a native speaker of English.  相似文献   
The term “biodiversity” is often used to describe phenomena of nature, which can be studied without a reference to the socially constructed, evaluative, or indeed normative contexts. In our paper, we challenge this conception by focusing particularly on methodological aspects of biodiversity research. We thereby engage with the idea of interdisciplinary biodiversity research as a scientific approach directed at the recognition and management of contemporary society in its ecological embedding. By doing this, we explore how research on and assessments of biodiversity can be enhanced if meaning, aspiration, desires, and related aspects of agency are methodically taken into account. In six sections, we substantiate our claim that the discourse on biodiversity (including the IPBES (Intergovernmental science-policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services) debate) is incomplete without contributions from the social sciences and humanities. In the introduction, a brief overview of biodiversity’s conceptual history is provided showing that “biodiversity” is a lexical invention intended to create a strong political momentum. However, that does not impede its usability as a research concept. Section 2 examines the origins of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) by way of sociological discourse analysis. Subsequently, it proposes a matrix as a means to structure the ambiguities and tensions inherent in the CBD. The matrix reemphasizes our main thesis regarding the need to bring social and ethical expertise to the biodiversity discourse. In Section 3, we offer a brief sketch of the different methods of the natural and social sciences as well as ethics. This lays the groundwork for our Section 4, which explains and illustrates what social sciences and ethics can contribute to biodiversity research. Section 5 turns from research to politics and argues that biodiversity governance necessitates deliberative discourses in which participation of lay people plays an important role. Section 6 provides our conclusions.  相似文献   
融媒体是词典数字化转型的重大机遇。目前对数字化词典的讨论普遍聚焦于多媒体词典或多模态词典,模糊了媒体融合背景下词典编纂出版的多媒体与多模态的功能差异,使得数字化词典停留在一个较低发展阶段。文章在对数字化词典调研的基础上,分析发现在词典编纂方面主要存在混淆多媒体和多模态的概念内涵、缺乏媒体融合的多模态词典文本、词典文本的组织单位和形态不一致以及缺乏对用户群体的精准服务等问题,而在词典出版方面主要存在编纂出版平台不统一、词典用户个性化知识需求尚待满足、词典文本的新媒介尚待挖掘和盈利新模式尚待开创等问题。  相似文献   
算法技术促使职场监视进行了5.0升级,由此造成的侵权风险以"数据收集"与"数据处理"为技术路径嵌入算法雇佣决策,凸显劳动者个人数据保护对规制算法技术侵权风险的意义.反观我国劳动者个人数据保护方式,无论是"用人单位的数据治理义务"还是"劳动者的个人数据赋权"在职场监视5.0下均面临诸多困境.基于此,应以数字人权、场景理念、预防原则、比例原则、人对机器的控制以及社会对话等六大基本理念为指引修正"用人单位的数据治理义务"与"劳动者的个人数据赋权",有效保护劳动者的个人数据.  相似文献   
汤元宋 《国学学刊》2021,(1):39-46,142
《北溪字义》是理学在东亚传播的重要文本,于中日韩三国皆有深远影响,但学者对于此书所列诸范畴之间的逻辑尚有不同看法。问题的关键在于《北溪字义》存在两种版本系统,即陈淳手定的二十五门初刻版和后出的二十六门增补版,两者之间的差异不仅仅是一个范畴、而是五个范畴。二十六门增补版因收录文献稍多而受到后来研究者的重视,但若研究《北溪字义》的内在逻辑,仍当以初刻版为准。  相似文献   
构式与其组构成分间的互动关系一直是构式语法关注的核心问题之一。Goldberg在构式语法理论框架中提出了动词与构式的双向互动观,但在实际论述中却过于强调构式对动词的单向压制,降低了动词义对构式生成的贡献,忽略了对构式组构成分的系统研究。以构式与其组构成分间的互动关系为视点,从构式压制与承继的辩证关系出发,进一步阐释图示构式生成是构式与组构成分在互动压制和多重承继合力作用下的结果。同时,基于封闭语料库穷尽分析汉语羡余否定构式"好不X"的特征,结果表明:构式压制与词汇压制是双向互动的;图示构式特征的形成取决于构式对其组构成分的多重动态承继;图示构式基于互动压制承继合力机制的形成。  相似文献   
“原道”是中国古代思想史上的既定事实。以《淮南子·原道训》、刘勰《文心雕龙·原道》、韩愈《原道》、章学诚《文史通义·原道》四篇为主而联系思想史探讨古人的原道观,考察这种体用思辨影响中国文论的生成,在系统建构上存在着体用本末的思辨执着,在具体的言说方式上体现为以言求意的本体论旨归、以物证道的体悟式批评、始琢终朴的相悖性达成三方面的特征。结合《原道》作品的存在形态可以观察到中国文论的“潜体系”特征:在理论上体用兼顾保证上下圆融无滞,在操作层面上则警戒于坐论玄虚遂使以用为主,这联系于文论在理论和实践上不可分离;在本体论范畴、体用性范畴、功用性范畴三者间总呈现出以用为主、以体统用的表达特征;在具体的论述方式上则呈现为用归于体、预期于与智者对话而求得“秘响旁通”的言说机制。  相似文献   
In this paper, we investigate the k-nearest neighbours (kNN) estimation of nonparametric regression model for strong mixing functional time series data. More precisely, we establish the uniform almost complete convergence rate of the kNN estimator under some mild conditions. Furthermore, a simulation study and an empirical application to the real data analysis of sea surface temperature (SST) are carried out to illustrate the finite sample performances and the usefulness of the kNN approach.  相似文献   
唐艳凤 《北方论丛》2018,(2):125-130
国家农民是1861年俄国农奴制改革中三类主要农民之一,与皇室农民和地主农民的主要区别是拥有人身权.1866年国家农民改革是1861年农民改革的延续和扩展,是将1861年2月19日法令推行到国家农村的具体实践.国家农民改革法令的出台并不顺利,是各派考量地主农民改革经验和国家农民现实后做出的稳妥选择.改革法令推行使国家农民土地保障程度降低而赋役负担依旧,改革前拥有人身权的相对优势没能扭转改革后与地主农民同样的命运.从国家农民改革的目标、改革法令的拟定、法令规定与法令落实等维度来看,这一结果在所难免.  相似文献   
中国人口老龄化问题日益凸显,老年家庭储蓄率居高不下,标准生命周期假说理论已无法解释。基于中国家庭金融调查数据,从遗产动机视角分析老年家庭高储蓄率现象。研究结果表明,中国老年家庭遗产动机显著提升家庭储蓄率,遗产动机使得老年家庭储蓄率水平显著提高5%—10%左右。进一步研究发现,相比较于城市家庭,遗产动机对农村家庭储蓄影响显著;相对于高等财富家庭而言,遗产动机显著促进中低财富家庭储蓄率水平,说明“未富先老”使得老年家庭有更强的遗产动机进行储蓄;对于家庭不同生活状况的子女,遗产动机显著提升子女体制外工作和子女教育水平低的老年家庭储蓄率,表明中国老年家庭利他主义的遗产动机较强。本文为理解中国老年家庭的高储蓄提供了新的视角,可以为政府相关部门制定政策提供参考。  相似文献   
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