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It is uncertain whether Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) countries are approaching a single mortality regime. Over the last three decades, LAC has experienced major public health interventions and the highest number of homicides in the world. However, these interventions and homicide rates are not evenly shared across countries. This study documents trends in life expectancy and lifespan variability for 20 LAC countries, 2000–14. By extending a previous method, we decompose differences in lifespan variability between LAC and a developed world benchmark into cause-specific effects. For both sexes, dispersion of amenable diseases through the age span makes the largest contribution to the gap between LAC and the benchmark. Additionally, for males, the concentration of homicides, accidents, and suicides in mid-life further impedes mortality convergence. Great disparity exists in the region: while some countries are rapidly approaching the developed regime, others remain far behind and suffer a clear disadvantage in population health.  相似文献   
The week beginning 29 June 2015 is not just historic for the closure of the Independent Living Fund in the United Kingdom, but for me was the week they decided that my life is not worth investing in; they being NHS England, NICE and, with them, the Department of Health. They chose not to support the enzyme replacement therapy that has been not only keeping me alive, but giving me a quality of life – enabling me to return to finish my Disability Studies PhD exploring how Christian leaders explain disability, where ethics have become the main topic, and to rebuild my career – or so I thought.  相似文献   
A large literature demonstrates the direct and indirect influence of health on socioeconomic attainment, and reveals the ways in which health and socioeconomic background simultaneously and dynamically affect opportunities for attainment and mobility. Despite an increasing understanding of the effects of health on social processes, research to date remains limited in its conceptualization and measurement of the temporal dimensions of health, especially in the presence of socioeconomic circumstances that covary with health over time. Guided by life course theory, we use data from the British National Child Development Study, an ongoing panel study of a cohort born in 1958, to examine the association between lifetime health trajectories and socioeconomic attainment in middle age. We apply finite mixture modeling to identify distinct trajectories of health that simultaneously account for timing, duration and stability. Moreover, we employ propensity score weighting models to account for the presence of time-varying socioeconomic factors in estimating the impact of health trajectories. We find that, when poor health is limited to the childhood years, the disadvantage in socioeconomic attainment relative to being continuously healthy is either insignificant or largely explained by time-varying socioeconomic confounders. The socioeconomic impact of continuously deteriorating health over the life course is more persistent, however. Our results suggest that accounting for the timing, duration and stability of poor health throughout both childhood and adulthood is important for understanding how health works to produce social stratification. In addition, the findings highlight the importance of distinguishing between confounding and mediating effects of time-varying socioeconomic circumstances.  相似文献   
The generalized half-normal (GHN) distribution and progressive type-II censoring are considered in this article for studying some statistical inferences of constant-stress accelerated life testing. The EM algorithm is considered to calculate the maximum likelihood estimates. Fisher information matrix is formed depending on the missing information law and it is utilized for structuring the asymptomatic confidence intervals. Further, interval estimation is discussed through bootstrap intervals. The Tierney and Kadane method, importance sampling procedure and Metropolis-Hastings algorithm are utilized to compute Bayesian estimates. Furthermore, predictive estimates for censored data and the related prediction intervals are obtained. We consider three optimality criteria to find out the optimal stress level. A real data set is used to illustrate the importance of GHN distribution as an alternative lifetime model for well-known distributions. Finally, a simulation study is provided with discussion.  相似文献   
林雪是当代汉语诗歌的重要诗人,她“在心为志,发言为诗”,诗风大气沉郁。她近期的诗歌,情怀与思辨相互倚重、酵化,介入生活与提炼心性同步发力,题材多样,手法多变,情感收放自如,气韵放达从容。她对现实的观照,对时空的架构,对存在的开掘,都呈现出一种新的气象。她自觉地从先期女性主义诗写中觉醒,到如今的清澈中隐显尘世的味蕾,对生活细节和感念触觉的精妙镂刻,以及对世道人心的专注和细致打量。  相似文献   
在哲学史研究中,对哲学家之哲学的解读与其私人生活的考察之间是否存在本质性的关联,是一个颇为耐人寻味却又不易回答的问题。而且,正像对“哲学”这一概念的本质主义理解是不可能的一样,这个问题也不存在一个本质主义的解答。不过,借助两种哲学类型的区分以及哲学史研究过程的三阶段划分,我们能够相对具体而又深入地来分析和讨论这一问题。  相似文献   
生命本身是一个随机事件,并不具有高尚的意义。进化的结果使人类可通过工作、家庭和人际关系等给予自己的生命以意义感。当我们的生活方式使脑内奖赏系统获得刺激,就会带来生命具有意义的感受,这种感受给人带来更好的生存机会。生存的欲望是一切生物体最具特征的属性,一些精神疾病患者缺乏这种欲望。自杀主要发生于精神疾病患者,它并非是基于自由意志的行为。抗精神病治疗和适当的社会交往可以预防自杀。由于不同个体有着不同的大脑,人们的生活方式就应该去适应各自大脑的特征。只要人们的生活方式不对他人造成过多的伤害,政府就应该允许和保护人们自由地按照各自的方式生活。  相似文献   
《1844年经济学哲学手稿》和《神圣家族》都是马克思主义创始人早期思想的代表性著作,二者都把“生活”作为重要概念进行论述。从作为经济学哲学概念到作为社会批判概念,马克思主义创始人对“生活”的认识经历了从对物质生产活动的重视到对无产阶级普遍贫困生活的揭露,从分析“生产生活”的异化到对“非人性”生活的批判,从“生活的手段”到消灭“非人性的生活条件”的思想历程。人类的历史是人类生活发展的历史。解决人的美好生活如何实现的问题,在马克思恩格斯的生活思想中居于核心地位,这对当今中国具有重要的理论指导价值。中国特色社会主义进入新时代,从开启一种全新文明的生活形态的高度来理解新时代的美好生活,才能准确把握我国社会主要矛盾变化的深刻意义。  相似文献   
客户生命周期模式研究   总被引:61,自引:0,他引:61       下载免费PDF全文
客户关系具有周期性,可划分为考察期、形成期、稳定期和退化期四个阶段.交易额和客户利润被选作特征变量来描述客户关系水平,理论分析表明:两者均随生命周期阶段的发展而不断提升,考察期最小,形成期次小,稳定期最大.实证研究检验了该结论的正确性.根据客户关系退出时所处的阶段,客户生命周期模式被分成早期流产型、中途夭折型、提前退出型、长久保持型四种基本类型,每种类型均有不同的成因.  相似文献   
呼伦贝尔大草原是蒙古族的古老发祥地 ,它不仅在历史上有特殊的地位 ,其民歌也如离离原上草一样繁茂。流传在呼伦贝尔蒙古人口中的民歌珍藏了民族的心音 ,表现了他们的独特习俗。我们从呼伦贝尔民歌———这一劳动人民世代创造并传唱的“心曲”中可以看到它所体现出的蒙古族物质民俗的发展和变化。这些表现蒙古族物质民俗的呼伦贝尔民歌 ,以草原奔放、豪迈的性格 ,为我们展示了当地蒙古族人民衣食住行的一幅幅画面  相似文献   
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